The Finale

This will be the last post I write for Leadership through Fantasy as the class I am writing this for has come to an end. I sincerely hope my thoughts and ideas made you think as to what skills a Game Master can gain while having so much fun within a simple hobby like tabletop […]

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The News: Rife with Ideas

Today, we’ll be speaking on a lighter-ish note. A Master is often searching for ideas to plan a session or campaign whether through their imagination or otherwise. However, one of the weirdest but most effective places for weird ideas is the News. Looking through various news sites will give you plenty of ideas for your […]

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Yes, it’s time for the big one, improve. The biggest tool in the Master’s toolbar and the one most relied upon in any given situation. Improve is not a skilled talked about a lot in the handbooks and not one that can be taught easily. Because of that, a Master who gains an impressive amount […]


Why do I write this blog?

This blog is about raising the awareness of companies and employers that don’t see or shun the idea that a hobby such as tabletop RPGs is not a viable fount of experience for the workplace. That’s the short version. I was told during college that I should start blogging about something that I was passionate […]

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Off the Books

Switching from campaign handbooks into creating your own adventure for the party is a significant change in many ways. As a Master, you are used to following the orders of someone else up to this point with everything set up in front of you and ready to go, no excessive extra planning required. However, that […]

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Politics and DMs

The Presidential campaigns are in full swing now that it’s 2016, and I’ve discovered something quite intriguing about this year’s candidates. When you think of the typical Dungeon Master from Dungeons & Dragons, what do you imagine? Do you think of the cloaked figure that tosses out Player deaths through traps to keep everyone guessing […]

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